This is the official site for Take Exit 7 and 6StringsWest, musical journeys brought to you by Pete Lopez.

Thank you for stopping by, I know their are thousands of other sites you could visit, so very much appreciated!  

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We are in this together, so lets march forward and onward

Pete Lopez


CUSTOM & UNIQUE: These tracks are NOT available online anywhere, they are extended or remixed tracks. So in the song "GOING TO TEXAS", it's longer than the original and added a fun bridge to the track. The original version is available at all the online music stores and streaming, I just like this version because it calls the faithful to action. Miles Christi.  


Take Exit 7

I wanted to remix these songs at 48mhz - 24bit for higher fidelity and threw in a spacey-beat driver in the bridge section for GOING TO TEXAS. On the original version of "IN THE LORDS UNIVERSE", their is a lengthy intro, deleted. It's a song with some ka-who-nies, so wanted to bring that out, because it IS GODS WORLD.

These are special custom version of the original songs that you can download - as a .wav or MP3, so it will play on your iPhone, DROID or Computer, one of a kind for your playlist.

As a thank you, I included a another FREE tune - it is a praise to the Holy Spirit.

But If you want the originals and all other music go to the "Buy Music" page and you can purchase from the big box resellers.

The world is Texas, Texas is the world.

God Bless.

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